Responding to the energy of an Australian landscape

This is the Mullumbimby home and studio of Heath Newman, an Australian artist who is creatively responding to the energy, movement and character of the Australian land.

Heath’s work is expressive and gestural, with spontaneous brushstrokes simply reflecting his deep-rooted interest in botanicals, literature and Greek mythology.

Visiting an artist’s home studio is a little like walking into someone’s bedroom – it’s a creative space filled with personal treasures and spaces for quiet meditation.

Heath’s new home studio in the peak of summer is like being on a stage set – the Victorian weatherboard has aged beautifully into it’s surrounds, the sounds of beetles blend into ‘The Pavilion of Dreams’ playing on the record player, large banana leaves at the entrance lead into rooms with French doors which open out into rambling gardens and horses in a paddock.

All windows and doors open to welcome the slight summer breeze… Bookshelves loaded with publications on art, art conversations, artists, painting, botanicals, Greek Mythology, medicinal plants… A spread of very old and precious Bonsai has been passed down from his father for him to nurture and refine this discipline.

All the while we wander through Heath’s home with a cup of gently brewed calming tea, Heath shares his thoughts of how his work is travelling, what’s next, what he has planned for the year – his mind bubbles constantly with ideas and energy.

Extraordinary new sculptural works in plaster and a series of vintage polaroid studies with a note contemporary boldness are up next.

It’s not only this home and the art that exudes a great sense of optimism – Heath himself, always dressed in a fabulous combination of vintage fashion, it seems is always having a ‘great day’.

To request a catalogue of Heath Newman’s current body of work – please contact

‘For many years Sophia Szilagyi’s work has traversed land, sky and seascapes, inventing a universe that appears plausible yet is largely make-believe. Through digital printmaking she skillfully merges numerous images to create a distinctive sense of otherworldliness in her work that is entirely unique.

However in a marked shift from her earlier prints, sees the artist turn her serene and penetrative gaze away from the restless seas and churning skies, and look inward, to the private realm of home and the friends and family members who inhabit it. This deeply personal dimension forms the starting point for the works in the series. Yet through Szilagyi’s printmaking process of layering images and merging forms, she achieves a quality of timelessness and universality even with such personally significant subjects.

The original limited edition prints are created using contemporary digital technology. Yet many of them contain aesthetic qualities more reminiscent of paintings from the canon of western art history, than some of the current photographic sources from which she draws.

This body of work takes a bold figurative step in a new direction, yet contains the depth and unsettling beauty for which Szilagyi’s landscape derived work is so well loved. It’s a powerful statement of tenderness and vision.’

– Marguerite Brown, MA ArtCur.

Artist - Sophia Szilagyi - Arm -Otomys Art OnlineArtist - Sophia Szilagyi - Back -Otomys Art Online