As Co – Founder and Director of Otomys Contemporary in Tetbury, please share with us what is in store for you this Christmas?

I have lived a semi nomadic life style in countries from Africa to Beijing, Australia to Malaysia and now we find ourselves after two years well established in this beautiful country town of Tetbury. Christmas is a time when extended family gather from around the globe to be together and celebrate the festive season. 

What are your top must do activities when celebrating Christmas ? How do you make it special?

Visiting the Bath Christmas market is a family tradition, especially at night when the town is beautifully lit against the background of Georgian architecture.  School holidays allow everyone in the house a chance to enjoy some downtime, always with long dog walks in the countryside and indulging in our favourite winter fare.

Christmas in the Countryside:

Christmas in London:

How does Otomys Contemporary make Christmas special in the UK?

Our year end Christmas event is always a delight as we collaborate with Simon Hamilton of The Surveyor’s House Tetbury – offering the broader community an opportunity to view Otomys Contemporary art within a lavish, stylish and classical townhouse retreat. Open Saturday 14th December 10 am – 4 pm / Sunday 15th December 12 pm – 4 pm. Please RSVP via


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