Otomys Contemporary is a fine art gallery. We think deeply and work hard. Our intention is to deliver art with integrity and emotion. Service and detail are paramount.

Otomys Contemporary offers an extensive range of contemporary and classical artworks in a variety of art mediums; oil paintings, etchings, fine art photography, sculpture and cyanotypes. Representing both Australian and International artists, Otomys Contemporary highlights a global appreciation of cultural and artistic diversity. Our online and physical art galleries offer more than the experience of art alone. When you’re on a search for a work of art to suit a certain space, style, genre, scale or budget, we’re available online or in the gallery to discuss this with you. We can work with your brief, photographs, floor plans and mood boards – offering a personalised art service; tailored to your budget, art requirements and timeline.

To make an appointment in one of our galleries or request art advice, please email us – info@otomys.com. One of our experienced art consultants from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London or Bath will contact you as soon as possible.

Art Consulting

The effect of art in an interior can be far reaching – quality art adds a dimension beyond the aesthetic and the practical. Otomys Contemporary curates with this in mind; considering the long term benefits and how the art sits with in a family’s aesthetic, psyche and budget. We curate with an appreciation of the site, offering the unexpected by contrasting the classics with the contemporary, so that your home or office can be an inspiring, informed and considered space. Otomys Contemporary is a creative and efficient team with years of experience in curating and installing art in commercial and residential projects. We are able to assist you with art selection, art framing, freighting and installing – the full art service keeps the process simple and enjoyable for you. Simply email us to begin the conversation – make an appointment to meet in the gallery or – to arrange for us to visit your home or project – info@otomys.com

Exhibitions and Pop Ups

We want the art to be seen live and online, so we have created extensive opportunities to exhibit art in our galleries, at art fairs, pop ups and interior focused spaces. Contact us to find out if there is a space exhibiting Otomys Contemporary art near you – info@otomys.com 

Register online for the newsletter to stay updated on our latest plans and projects.

Art Commissions

Once you connect with an art work it doesn’t leave you – so if that work has sold before you could lay your hands on it, or if it is too big or too small we can assist you with the process of commissioning a work. For commissions email info@otomys.com with your details and we’ll be in touch.

Gift Cards

You nominate the amount and we’ll box it up and express mail it to you – no charge on postage. 


The highest quality and archival standard is maintained where possible.


An Authentication Certificate accompanies unframed and framed art.

Image Rights

Please note that all imagery on this website is owned by the artists and Otomys Contemporary. If you would like to use any of these images please contact us for permission first – info@otomys.com 

Trade Clients

We understand what it is to work with Interior Designers and Architects on all size projects. We appreciate budgets, deadlines and customising work where possible.  Send us your concepts and we’ll propose work that will support it. Register for a trade account online.


We value craftsmanship, quality and sustainability – so we outsource this work to the professionals.  Framing is an art form in itself and once you have seen an Arten frame you will appreciate the skill.

Otomys Contemporary works directly with Arten Fine Art Printing and Framing.

Arten works with a number of different timbers. The native Australian timbers are the most utilised, locally sourced Victorian Ash forms our standard timber choice for both naturally finished, stained and painted frames. As part of a commitment to the fair and sustainable use of timber, Arten only purchases raw materials from those recognised for the responsible sourcing of timber.

Online we offer a sustainable solid timber box frame in black, charcoal, natural or white – however we can customise a bespoke frame using a variety of species and special profiles for your work. We also offer a range of glazing options suitable for fine art framing.

Our 2mm glass is an economical picture framing grade glass, clear and free from defects. Only 50-60% of UV light is filtered making it suitable for general use with work know to be lightfast.

Our 2mm anti-reflective glass minimises reflections without altering the clarity of the work. Especially suited to dark images where reflections can overwhelm the work.

Cast Acrylic is an alternative to glass which offers the benefit of being lightweight and shatterproof. Acrylic, therefore, provides a safe option for oversized frames and frames that will be hung areas with safety concerns such as public areas. Frames that need be frequently relocated or shifted can benefit from the safety of acrylic glazing. The shatter-resistant properties of acrylic offer extra protection for framed items, reducing the likelihood of damage when glazing breakage occurs.

Lead Time

For archival quality prints, we have a lead time of 1-2 weeks for unframed artwork and 4 weeks for framed artwork. Original works on canvas are usually ready to be packaged and freighted within a week. Our art is located between our two galleries – Australia and United Kingdom, so the freight cost will depend on this. Works in the UK are denoted as such, with an * – purchase of work from the UK may take up to 3 weeks.

Freight / Pick Up

Art Courier deliveries within Australia can take between 1 to 4 weeks. International purchases require an exact quote; please email us for a competitive freight quote including insurance options. Gallery collection may be arranged. We will notify you when your order is ready to collect. Please measure your car access prior to pick up.

Care and Handling

Handling: Hold the frame upright, on either side with two hands to avoid twisting the frame. Using cotton gloves, remove the artwork from the packaging, avoid touching the surface. Always keep frames stacked upright, face-to-face or back-to-back; do not place frame face down on the floor.

Storing: Keep your artwork well aired in a light space to avoid mildew; 21°C is the ideal temperature.

Installing: Use the supplied d-rings / metal plates for the safest, best flush look. Avoid the use of hanging wire as this places strain on the frame.

Frames: Lightly dust timber frame with a soft 100% cotton cloth. For stubborn marks, dust and gently wipe with a damp soft 100% cotton cloth.

Glass: Lightly dust with a soft feather duster. Spray a soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of glass cleaner and wipe the dust free glass in a gentle circular motion.

Anti Reflective Glass: Lightly dust with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Spray a second soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of glass cleaner and wipe the dust free glass in a gentle circular motion. For stubborn marks use a 1:1 water / iso propyl alcohol solution. Windex, abrasive cleaner and paper towel may scratch anti re ective glass.

Acrylic: Lightly dust with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Spray a second soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of water or acrylic cleaner such as Kunstoff and wipe gently. Windex, abrasive cleaner or paper towel may scratch the acrylic surface.

Paper: The highest quality products have been used to create your artwork; archival paper, ink and glue. Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight and / or damp spaces to ensure longevity.

Please contact Otomys Contemporary should you need assistance with the handling and care of your artwork. It is recommended that you bring your frame in for refurbishment every 5-6 years; to remove the build up of air pollutants, repair scratches, wax the timber and polish the glass / acrylic.