The impact of art can be far reaching; adding a visceral dimension greater than the aesthetic and the practical.  With this in mind, our creative and experienced team offers complimentary online or on site consultations for commercial and domestic projects.

Art Commissions

Commissioning art can be a rewarding and creative process.  It enables you to acquire a work of art that is closer to your artistic preference, style or size.  We work closely with you and the artist to assist this process.


We understand what it is to work with Interior Designers and Architects on all size projects. We appreciate budgets, deadlines and customising work where possible. Apply for an Otomys Contemporary trade account here.


We have a range of spaces where we exhibit art in Australia and the United Kingdom. Contact us to find Otomys Contemporary art near you.

Gift Voucher

An Otomys Contemporary Art Voucher is a classic gift for a special occasion and simply purchased by one or many parties.

Art Authenticity / COA

Otomys Contemporary artwork is accompanied by an Authentication Certificate.  The Authentication Certificate is signed by a director of Otomys Contemporary, to guarantee you are collecting an authentic work of art. The certificate includes the artist name, title, medium, dimensions, edition and date of procurement. An artist’s profile is linked to each artist’s gallery page.  Contact us for an update on an artist’s biographical development.


We use sustainable and archival materials in most circumstances.

Image Rights

Please note that all imagery on this website is owned by the artists and Otomys Contemporary. If you would like to use any of these images please contact us for permission.


We value craftsmanship, quality and sustainability – so we outsource framing to skilled and trusted professionals. 

Locally sourced Victorian Ash forms our standard timber choice for both naturally finished, stained and painted frames. However, we can work with you and the frame maker to customise a bespoke colour frame using a variety of timber species, frame profiles and glazing options.

Glass: 2mm glass is an economical picture framing glass, clear and free from defects. Only 50-60% of UV light is filtered making it suitable for general use with work know to be lightfast.

Anti-Reflective Glass: 2mm anti-reflective glass substantially minimises reflections without altering the clarity of the art. This option is particularly recommended for dark images where reflection is more noticeable.

Acrylic: Cast acrylic is lightweight and shatterproof.  It is a safer option for oversized frames, frames for public areas and frames which are frequently moved or freighted.

Lead Time

Unframed archival prints: 1 – 2 weeks.

Framing: 3 – 4 weeks.

Original work already stretched: framed – 3 days.

Works in the UK are denoted with an * – a lead time can be confirmed upon request.

Freight / Pick Up

Freight costs are calculated by the size of the packaged artwork and delivery address. Please contact for any specific shipping and handling questions. 

Though we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates until an order is ready for collection, local deliveries typically arrive within 5 – 7 business days; interstate and international deliveries may take up to 4 weeks.

If you would like to expedite your order or shipping please contact us.

Gallery collection may be arranged.  We will notify you when your order is ready to collect. Please measure your car access prior to pick up.

Care and Handling

Handling: Hold the frame upright, on either side with two hands to avoid twisting the frame. Using cotton gloves, remove the artwork from the packaging, avoid touching the surface. Always keep frames stacked upright, face-to-face or back-to-back; do not place frame face down on the floor.

Storing: Keep your artwork well aired in a light space to avoid mildew; 21°C is the ideal temperature.

Installing: Use the supplied d-rings / metal plates for the safest, best flush look. Avoid the use of hanging wire as this places strain on the frame.

Frames: Lightly dust timber frame with a soft 100% cotton cloth. For stubborn marks, dust and gently wipe with a damp soft 100% cotton cloth.

Glass: Lightly dust with a soft feather duster. Spray a soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of glass cleaner and wipe the dust free glass in a gentle circular motion.

Anti Reflective Glass: Lightly dust with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Spray a second soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of glass cleaner and wipe the dust free glass in a gentle circular motion. For stubborn marks use a 1:1 water / iso propyl alcohol solution. Windex, abrasive cleaner and paper towel may scratch anti reflective glass.

Acrylic: Lightly dust with a soft 100% cotton cloth. Spray a second soft 100% cotton cloth with a small amount of water or acrylic cleaner such as Kunstoff and wipe gently. Windex, abrasive cleaner or paper towel may scratch the acrylic surface.

Paper: The highest quality products have been used to create your artwork; archival paper, ink and glue. Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight and / or damp spaces to ensure longevity.

Please contact Otomys Contemporary should you need assistance with the handling and care of your artwork. It is recommended that you bring your frame in for refurbishment every 5-6 years; to remove the build up of air pollutants, repair scratches, wax the timber and polish the glass / acrylic.