Otomys Contemporary

Otomys is a fine art gallery.

We think deeply and work hard.

Our intention is to deliver art with integrity and emotion.

Service and detail are paramount.

Humour is our tonic.


Otomys Art Gallery offers an extensive range of contemporary and classical artworks in a variety of art mediums; oil paintings, etchings, fine art photography, sculpture and cyanotypes.  Representing both Australian and International artists, Otomys highlights a global appreciation of cultural and artistic diversity.

Our online and physical art galleries offer more than the experience of art alone. When you’re on a search for a work of art to suit a certain space, style, genre, scale or budget, we’re available online or in the gallery to discuss this with you. We can work with your brief, photographs, floor plans and mood boards – offering a personalised art service; tailored to your budget, art requirements and timeline.

To make an appointment in the gallery or request art advice, please email us your contact details and a few lines about your art requirements. One of our experienced art consultants from Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland or London will contact you as soon as possible.

Start the conversation with us – studio@otomys.com

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