Entries by Jessica Leighton

Biennale Arte

So you’re thinking of visiting the Art Biennale in Venice in 2019?… The history, architecture, culture, and geography of Venice is a powerful platform for contemporary art and design, and the Art Biennale is certainly the ‘Art Olympics’. The event is an underline, an exclamation mark and a highlight in the art lover’s calendar! The Art Biennale

Celia Gullett – A Studio Visit

Otomys Contemporary is delighted to introduce new works by Sydney-based Artist, Celia Gullett. Gullett’s masterful Geometric Abstractions (Oil on Panel) are a construction and deconstruction of arrangements. In this series, Gullett explores the interplay of colour and compositions, creating a lively dialogue within and between the works. A recurring motif features within many of the works in the series

Gill Rocca – A Studio Visit

Otomys Contemporary is proud to represent London-based artist, Gill Rocca, and we were thrilled to visit her London studio to view her new art works. Rocca’s contemporary oil paintings tend to stop viewers in their tracks. The powerful miniature scale of these works prompts the viewer to engage and contemplate. One can get lost in these