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10 Questions with Artist Mark Roper

If Mark Roper wasn’t already on your radar, he most definitely is now. Originally hailing from the UK, Melbourne based Mark Roper isn’t just an artist, but a brilliantly versatile creative. With an extensive portfolio including food, travel, lifestyle and interior photography for both editorial and commercial projects, he is undoubtedly well regarded in his industry.

The Space Between Home and Gallery: JAHM

“The collection has given us such pleasure over the years and we want to share that joy with other art lovers,” – Charles Justin, founding director of architecture practice SJB. And sharing is exactly what serious art collectors Charles Justin and his wife Leah have done.  In April of 2016, they opened the doors of their

Life and Style with UK Director Nikki Finch

After 15 years of living abroad, Otomys Contemporary UK Director Nikki Finch and her family recently relocated to the UK and home has now become the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.  Set in the rolling countryside of the South Western county of Somerset, Bath is a town best known for its natural Roman-era hot springs,

Take A Tour Inside Tate Modern’s Switch House

London is home to some 1,500 odd galleries and its current art scene is one of the world’s largest, with an international reach that rivals that of other famed art hubs including New York and Paris. However, one that towers (quite literally) over all others is the Tate Modern. At only 15 years old, most will agree

Artist Spotlight – Chris Warnes

The process Chris Warnes uses for his fine art photography tells as much of a story as his final image does. This British born artist’s path to photography began in Art Direction and Advertising. Warnes now lives near Sydney’s Manly beach with his young family and he has successfully turned his passion for being behind