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Soft as Butter by Susan Knight

The Equine Series by Susan Watson Knight. ‘Knight’s interest with the cyanotype began in her father’s architectural office where she first encountered engineering blueprints. The intense hue and technical precision became the trigger for her exploration of the horse bit’s evolution and design. On first glance, the objects in these cyanotypes look enigmatic and vaguely

Light Forays by Greg Penn

Light Forays is a body of work that blurs mental and physical depth. Haptic and scopic experiments integrate into event-perceptions, exploring sensations in sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and emotion, compressing perceptual diversity into unity. ‘I use light to explore virtually infinite possibilities, linking, generating, and manipulating colour. I am interested in colour and its

London Design Week and Beyond

Bethany Woolfall, our London Art Consultant discusses Otomys’ participation in the London Design Festival with UK Director Nikki Finch. In the recent weeks, social media feeds have been inundated with an influx of snap shot images of the annual art, design and fashion weeks that have popped up around the globe. Specifically, the London Design

The Art of the Dancer

The meticulously choreographed fine art images of Melbourne based artist Rebekah Stuart are a striking blend of contemporary digitalisation and classic landscape painting. There is something remote and tranquil in her work, an under-current layer of dark mysticism underlies this still beauty, which is crafted with mastered contemplation.   1. What is your greatest inspiration?

Est Interview with Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott

AUTHOR Sophie Lewis of Est Living. It’s a special thing indeed to be welcomed inside a gallery, particularly when you’re greeted by Otomys Directors Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott. Megan and Hannah live and breathe art — and their passion and energy is infectious. Walking into the physical gallery space at Otomys, you’re instantly friendly