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Undercurrents by Sophia Szilagyi

Otomys Contemporary announces Solo Exhibition by Australian artist Sophia Szilagyi. Undercurrents by Sophia Szilagyi is an exhibition based on the idea of looking back on the old and reinterpreting the new. Szilagyi is a contemporary artist combining printmaking with a digital medium and this exhibition will show new works with a selection of images curated from

Draw Art Fair London

Otomys Contemporary announces participation at Draw Art Fair London. Draw Art Fair London will be the first fair in the United Kingdom dedicated to modern and contemporary drawing. It aims to present all facets of drawing as a fundamental practice and to create a platform where rare works by modern masters and recent works from the 21st century

Introducing Simone Boon

Simone Boon is a Dutch born artist who resides between Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Living between the east and west has brought to her attention the different ways in which people perceive the world around them; realising that preconceptions, as well as understanding or misunderstanding are intertwined with the inner paradigms embedded in each of us

Tetbury Spring Show

The weather was warm and the sun was shining bright on Saturday 30th March as we opened our Spring Show in the Tetbury gallery. UK director, Nikki Finch, curated a group exhibit that brought both colour, light and several new artists into the gallery space. Like a shining beacon, the charming gallery window was illuminated

Opening Abstractions by Ben Sheers

Thursday 14th March, 2019. 567 – 569 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067. Ben Sheers’ practice, particularly for the ABSTRACTIONS exhibition, is process driven and it seeks to retain the simplicity and magic of initial collage work.  By employing photography, screen printing, texture and scale he enhances the physical relationship between the viewer and the artwork

Abstractions by Ben Sheers

‘This recent body of work was inspired by teaching my young boys how to use scissors! This teaching in turn taught me about the pleasure of mark making and the sophistication of cut and paste.’ Following an Honours in Fine Arts at Monash University, Ben Sheers’ art is now held in private collections in London,

A Newbies Guide To London

When I told people from home at the end of 2018 that I was relocating to London to pursue a career within the art market, I was met with a variety of responses. Typically, it was confusion. Why would someone want to move somewhere where the days are colder and darker, the pound in comparison

Heath Newman – Home Studio Visit

Responding to the energy of an Australian landscape This is the Mullumbimby home and studio of Heath Newman, an Australian artist who is creatively responding to the energy, movement and character of the Australian land. Heath’s work is expressive and gestural, with spontaneous brushstrokes simply reflecting his deep-rooted interest in botanicals, literature and Greek mythology.

A bold figurative step for Sophia Szilagyi

‘For many years Sophia Szilagyi’s work has traversed land, sky and seascapes, inventing a universe that appears plausible yet is largely make-believe. Through digital printmaking she skillfully merges numerous images to create a distinctive sense of otherworldliness in her work that is entirely unique. However in a marked shift from her earlier prints, sees the

London Art Fair 2019

Words by Bethany Woolfall, Otomys London Art Consultant. After relocating to London in December, my usual schedule and routine has been topped on its head. This city paces on a different frequency to what I am originally used to. In no way am I saying I have mastered the Tube, the afternoons turning into night