To ensure we have your Artist Profile Page and product images perfect on the website we require the following files from you. PLEASE take note of the sizing and supply images at the sizes requested.
  • Your best contact email address in case we require more information
  • If you are uploading more than one series please fill this form out separately per series.
  • This image is used as the main artist's page background image. Your name will appear in large white font over this image. This image will also be cropped to use as the portrait featured image thumbnail on the main artist gallery page with all other artists and will link to your artist page and products for sale. To help with administration please ensure the file name includes artist name and name of the artwork.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Product images should be optimised for web viewing an accurate representation of the artwork in terms of colour, form and texture. We recommend using a professional photographer if you are unable to achieve this accuracy. Please send your web images to studio@otomys.wpengine.com for approval prior to despatching the art. If work is received and web images are inaccurate we will need to engage a professional photographer in the gallery and the cost will then be invoiced to you. If you would prefer us to arrange this service for you that's no problem, let us know and we will arrange a quote for you. The service starts at $200 and increases according to the number and scale of works. Please optimise images for web viewing keeping file size (in KBs) as low as feasible without losing visible resolution quality. Images are to remain proportional - not cropped - min. 700px wide and min. 700px high. Please ensure the file names include artist name and name of the artwork.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.