Otomys works directly with Arten Fine Art Printing and Framing.

Arten works with a number of different timbers. The native Australian timbers are the most utilised, locally sourced Victorian Ash forms our standard timber choice for both naturally finished, stained and painted frames. As part of a commitment to the fair and sustainable use of timber, Arten only purchases raw materials from those recognised for the responsible sourcing of timber.

Online we offer a sustainable solid timber box frame in black, charcoal, natural or white – however we can customise a bespoke frame using a variety of species and special profiles for your work. We also offer a range of glazing options suitable for fine art framing.

Our 2mm glass is an economical picture framing grade glass, clear and free from defects. Only 50-60% of UV light is filtered making it suitable for general use with work know to be lightfast.

Our 2mm anti-reflective glass minimises reflections without altering the clarity of the work. Especially suited to dark images where reflections can overwhelm the work.

Cast Acrylic is an alternative to glass which offers the benefit of being lightweight and shatterproof. Acrylic therefore provides a safe option for oversized frames and frames that will be hung areas with safety concerns such as public areas. Frames that need be frequently relocated or shifted can benefit from the safety of acrylic glazing. The shatter resistant properties of acrylic offer extra protection for framed items, reducing the likelihood of damage when glazing breakage occurs.