Otomys Contemporary Co – Founder and Co – Director, Megan Dicks.

What are your family traditions? I love the Christmas season…  Christmas carols and the scent of a fresh Christmas tree mark the beginning of a stretch of summer holidays ahead. Every year on the first weekend of December my family get together with extended family for the ‘Stirring of the Pudding’ – this tradition, of almost 50 years, is an opportunity to close your eyes, stir the pudding and make a wish… And the older we get the longer we seem to stir the spoon! 

How are you spending the holiday season? At this time of year when the commercial world picks up speed, I tend to split my focus on work deadlines and the endless planning for a family Christmas – I have to remind myself that this is a fortunate and fabulous blend! This year we’ll enjoy this magical season in Vanuatu with a large group of family. 

Books, Music, Podcasts, films you plan to enjoy?  I am planning to read ‘Becoming Michelle Obama’ and ‘In Pieces Sally Field’… And podcasts to listen to: Slow Burn, Caliphate and anything with James Corden. Music: Sampha, Marlon Williams, The Weekend Essentials, The Avener, Riding with The King BB King…!

What’s on your Wishlist? And on the top of my Christmas wish list is a relaxing holiday with extended family, fresh fish and French wine… Tick.


Otomys Contemporary Art Consultant Queensland, Jessica Leighton.

How are you spending the holiday season? I’m at home in Brisbane this year, and I hope to make lots of little day trips to the beach, whether Byron, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast. I had better get started on organising some activities for the other days… a six-year-old’s expectations for school holidays are high! Plus, like many of us, I’m keen to make progress on the old to-do’s – painting the exterior of the house (attempting this; not sure if wise), building an outdoor staircase… My gorgeous sister is expecting a baby around Christmas, so it will be a particularly special one for all of us.

What are your family traditions? We alternate between spending time with family in Melbourne and family in Brisbane, and this year is also all about catching up with friends, which I’m very much looking forward to. The trusty backyard sprinkler will no doubt get a workout.

Places you love to go?The water, the coast… where our friends and family are – where the sunshine is! And of course one of these Christmases, I plan on miraculously waking up in a vineyard in Italy (likely to happen, right?!).

Books, Music, Podcasts, films you plan to enjoy?I’m looking forward to reading at least one of the books I’ve had stacked on my side-table for months and months: Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume, Gillian Mears’ Foal’s Bread, Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, and Tim Winton’s Eyrie.I’ll take my son to the new SparkLab at Queensland Museum. I’d like to head to GOMA and the Museum of Brisbane – lots happening at both. A day at the Woodford Folk Festival in late December looks fantastic, as does Music by the Sea. There are also some local wineries holding events over the festive season, so we’ll see!

What’s on your Wishlist? Some tropical plants. I can’t wait to turn my neglected garden in to a tropical haven, or at least get started on creating the beginnings of! ULTIMATE wishlist = swimming with the whales in Tonga.


Otomys Contemporary Art Consultant Queensland, Sarah Richardson.

How are you spending the holiday season? This year we’ll be in Qld at my Dads, where the beach is only a few minutes away and life is slower and the days are longer – absolute bliss! The house backs on to the pool which overlooking a river only a few metres, so we’re all looking forward to lazy days in the sun by the pool and the beach. Having a 2-year-old has made me love Christmas even more – experiencing it through his eyes is purely magical! Since he was born he is our absolute focus, even more so at this time of year

What are your family traditions? Having my husband’s family in Christchurch NZ, my brother in living Ubud Bali, my dad on the Sunshine Coast and my mum in Sydney, it’s rare we have a Christmas in our own home. When we’re in Sydney or NZ, Boxing Day is traditionally the day we spend with friends drinking and eating leftovers in abundance. An affair that starts in the morning and finishes up usually way too late into the night. Wherever we are for Christmas each year, my husband insists on carting a 3M high blow-up Father Christmas/Santa with us. He even made an appearances on the South Island of NZ, on a road trip we did a few years ago.

Places you love to go?When we’re in Sydney it’s the beach beach beach! – Balmoral is our favourite, however, this summer we’re intending to scout out more secluded beaches – like Little Bay, Kutti Beach and Parsley Bay. We’ll be definitely visiting The Grounds of Alexandria as they’ve partnered with Disney to bring The Nutcracker and the Four Realms to life, which looks stunning and our son will be swept away!

Books, Music, Podcasts, films you plan to enjoy: Aaaah books – I would love to say I will read everything on my bedside table, however, having a toddler and reading rarely go hand in hand.  Music we listen to aplenty. We have music playing constantly, whether it’s the festive season or a rainy day building lego cities. It’s usually a mixture of old classics from the likes of Aretha Franklin and Prince, to chilled cruisy day tunes of Ziggy Alberts. Films – I need to still see Bohemian Rhapsody! A must! 

What’s on your wishlist?I’m usually one for experiences – Recently a friend gave my husband and I a VR experience which was literally out of this world! Oooh and I’ve had my eye on some luxurious linen bedding which is divine. Otherwise, perfume is always a winner!