In a recent voyage to the terrain of his childhood, Lucena, Brazil – Eduardo Santos traveled through temporal and geographical distance to a land of isolation and memory.

Earlier photographic work by Eduardo Santos fused colour into movement. However, in the works inspired by Lucena, the artist draws on a mineral realm, bleached by the sun. In this new series, works that were once bolstered by the magnetic gravity and velocity of the earth’s horizon seem to now float and ascend. In starkly minimal compositions, the patterns of fishing nets intersect with the trails left by the tug of the tide. Minute traces expand into vast topographies. The intricate stands for the monumental.

Ethereal and sensitive to every tiny remnant and texture, these photographs are inspired by reverence for an obscure and secluded coastal landscape. A homage to both the motherland and the mother. Here, on pearlescent beaches, the pale reach of the sky fuses with the sand and the ocean meets in an ellipse. In this unknown place, the horizon has the power to fold in upon itself, inverting the waves into the clouds. And on the skin of the sand, humans and creatures leave their trails – raking delicate pathways on the sand.

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