Rehearsal for Death by Rebekah Stuart and Sophie Thompson

Otomys Contemporary’s Rebekah Stuart is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape, whilst also exploring the potentials for art and dance to coalesce. Training in dance and movement for over 23 years and working as an artist for 25 years, Rebekah Stuart has developed a practice through reconstructing fragments of nature and the subconscious via digital media and the body to recreate new worlds. The worlds Rebekah Stuart creates speak to a larger force where she believes that when we keep this tender conversation open, we may arrive at a place much like a resonant symphony.


From this evening (Thursday 6th February) through to Sunday 9th February, Rebekah Stuart will perform Rehearsal for Death at La Mama. Rehearsal for Death is a glorious exploration of life’s only certainty: death. In this physical theatre piece, Rebekah Stuart and Sophie Thompson dance through mortality, decay, and grief. Taking inspiration from storytelling and ritual, the dancers revel in our shared impermanence, and measure the weight of mortality on the living.


‘In creating this show we wanted to embrace the feeling of uncertainty and impermanence, while honouring the deep pain that comes from witnessing and living through the death of a loved one. In our rehearsals we found joy, laughter, ecstasy and absurdity existing alongside the pain of loss and the anxiety of inevitable decline. We hope to offer our audience the gift of being reminded that we are all living on a knife edge, and our bodies will eventually fail us. But for now we have them, and by dancing through this brilliant chaos we can come to understand what this means.’ – Notes Rebekah Stuart and Sophie Thompson.


With a rich history spanning over 50 years and a national profile, La Mama is Australia’s home of independent Theatre. It plays a critical role in the Australian cultural landscape, as a place for responsive, new, risk-taking work to occur. La Mama has a distinct artist focus, and provides a unique audience experience. Treasured for its advocacy for those seeking to explore beyond the mainstream, La Mama champions artistic individuality and freedom, prioritises accessibility, and celebrates a diverse community of artists and audiences alike.

February 6, 2020