In conversation with Mark Roper

Otomys: Following the successful Arcane exhibition in our gallery in 2018, we asked you 'What’s next for Mark Roper?’ And you said, "Now that Arcane is complete I’m feeling inspired to complete a series using a mix of mediums, not just photography.” So, the concept of employing mixed medium has been simmering since then, and today you launch the dynamic exhibition: Orchestrated Kaleidoscope. Can you tell us about the progression of your work?


Mark Roper: With this current work I wanted to further explore the hidden colours in Polaroid film. I experimented with techniques of manipulation until I hit on one that began revealing more colour and tone in the base image, which was hidden beneath layers of colour. This produced an almost 3d effect. Extending my work beyond the realms of photography, I’ve then exaggerated these layers of colour with layers of liquid resin, to enhance the experience of this process and to draw the viewer deeper into the fictional landscapes.


Otomys: Orchestrated Kaleidoscope is a masterful manipulation of light and chemical reactions on paper - an extraordinary concoction for a photographer! Equally complex and intriguing is the evocative and thought-provoking composition.  If you were in such a ‘fictional landscape’ what music would you choose to accompany you?


Mark Roper: Easy.. 

Aphex Twin - Stone in Focus - Listen here! 

Thom Yorke - Twist - Listen here!



Otomys: What’s next from Mark Roper?


Mark Roper: I’m continuously expanding my art practice, which houses my  commercial work too – I’m exploring photography and mixed media and hope to work on more larger scale work.

April 6, 2021