In Conversation with Wayne Pate

OTOMYS: You have moved a number of times throughout your life, first to New York, then Paris and now New Zealand. In each instance, how much did the change in environment impact your approach to your art? 


Wayne Pate: New York would have to be a period that was educational and of refinement. I enjoyed daily exposure and interaction with what would arguably be the most important city for artists and the industry globally.


Paris’s impact was ten fold. As my time in Paris was only for a year, it allowed me to really be focused on new perspectives and influences on my work. The access to so many master works for the study of technique and execution to the vast inventory of antiquity that heavily influences and is often of subject.


Currently living in the charming little capital city of Wellington, the usual stress and peripheral distractions of daily life is non exsistant in comparison to NYC. This eased environment is ideal for the moment as my work has started to shift in a direction in terms of execution and one that I feel will be long lasting. 



OTOMYS: You mention that you have always worked on your art at your dining room table, rather than a designated studio space. How did this come about and what do you enjoy about working this way? 


Wayne Pate: As I mentioned before, several fellow Parisian artists that eventually became good friends worked this way as it integrates their work and their environments which are intertwined. I developed this habit more out of necessity than preference while living in Paris. In our rented apartment, I only had room to work on the dinning room table so it in time became habit.



OTOMYS: What is it about museums that fascinated you so much as a child and continues to resonate with you today?


Wayne Pate: I think it’s the whole embodiment and purpose of a museum that has always fascinated me. The assembly of humanities most priceless and beautiful creations for all to see. Rich or poor, the experience is the same. Dare I say, the only places where true equality exist. 



OTOMYS: Does your interest both collecting and painting ceramics in your art also originate from your fascination in museums?


Wayne Pate: Absolutely, I am a purist at heart and see no separation between my personal life and my work. Museums showed me at an early age how to spot something of quality and the importance in society to support and safeguard this mindset. I try to convey this in my own work, my process and environment. I am inspired more than anything else by the humble artisans throughout the centuries who have quietly gone about their craft with the greatest skill without the need for recognition.



OTOMYS: Are you currently enjoying a particular book, series, podcast or album?


Wayne Pate: Currently reading Orphic Paris by Henri Cole.

June 2, 2022