Starting an Art Collection: Sculpture & Fine Art Photography

In our previous post, we had outlined some of the things that people who are considering starting an art collection can do to learn the basics of art, and ways to learn more about one’s local art scene.

When considering how to commence collecting art, most people’s first thoughts go towards paintings and canvases.


However, fine art photography and sculpture are also a great entry point into art collecting. While a little more unconventional, such pieces can just as effectively reflect a collectors’ aesthetic inclinations. Framed photographs and contemporary sculpture are also often more straightforward to care for.


Photographic and sculptural works possess graphic qualities that grab viewers’ attention. The dimensionality and visual interest in such mediums are difficult to ignore and make for excellent conversation starters.



What is fine art landscape photography?

With the proliferation of photo-based social media like Instagram, and the omnipresence of cameras on your phones, everyone is familiar with photography. This may make it difficult for some to initially comprehend what makes fine art photography special. However, with a little close viewing, it is not difficult to detect the added level of care and consideration that goes into incorporating expressiveness into a photographic image.


Rather than merely documenting what is in front of a lens, artists take extra care in every step of the photographic possess in order to capture a feeling or an idea. Everything from the initial staging, to processing, to printing, is considered in the creation of an original image.


There are many wonderful fine art photographers in Otomys’ lineup including Krisjan Rossouw, Mark Tipple, Mark Roper, Rebekah Stuart, and Simone Boon. Our artists span a wide range of styles and techniques, using photography to explore ideas such as cultural identity, our relationship to nature, and the line between imagination and reality.



Contemporary and Modern Sculptures

Compared to works on flat surfaces like paper and canvas, sculpture adds layer of dimensionality as they can be viewed from many different vantages. Modern sculptures also often have a more direct relationship to the objects they are displayed with. These works actively participate with their surrounding environment.


Sculptural works play with elements of space, light, shadow, and form in alluring and engaging ways. They often enhance these qualities within a space, that we would otherwise take for granted. The inherent material and compositional qualities of the sculpture are also elevated when considered in dialogue with the physicality of the viewer.


The works of Otomys artists Anna Dudek, Ben Sheers, Greg Penn, and Morgan Shimeld create sculptures in a variety of sizes for a variety of contexts. Whether it is a domestic or outdoor setting, modern sculpture has a place in a well-rounded art collection. 


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Image Credit - At Any Moment and It Is Always Changing by Anna Dudek. Photographed by Matthew Stanton.

May 13, 2022