Heath Newman / Otomys Contemporary / The Dot Project


Otomys Contemporary has partnered with The Dot Project to bring forward a new body of work by Australian artist, Heath Newman. Since first exhibiting with Otomys Contemporary in Melbourne in 2018, Newman has quickly developed a strong identity and practice as one of Australia’s loved, emerging artists, known for his quintessential use of painterly “automatic writing” and symbolism.

The Sun Comes at Dawn, Newman’s first international exhibition, explores the world of duality and the nature of the soul. Light and dark take roles in common archetypes from ancient myths to the circadian rhythm of life, the sun befalls night only to be awoken again in the morning, and so, the balance of life is restored. This concept is prevalent throughout the worlds ancient fables, stories and proverbs.

Abstracting these concepts, Newman looks to create a subtext to the fables, a renewed dialogue between this world, and others, peeling back the veil to the world of ideas and journeying to a realm of reverie. Combining fragments of still life, myths of the world, strokes, scrawls and colour fields, Heath describes his work as a mental map; both of his subconscious and of the greater, deeper collective consciousness. These ideas and the exploration of colour in Heath’s new series of paintings and works on paper drives an exploration of texture, tone, perception and depth; the arise of colour in the human eye and brain, the appreciation and discrimination of harmony and the confusion and intrigue of visual perception.

Otomys Contemporary thanks partnering gallery, The Dot Project, for working collaboratively on Newman’s new solo exhibition. The Sun Comes At Dawn will be available to view by appointment through The Dot Project.


Opening May 7th at The Dot Project, Holland Park, London.

Catalogue request nikki@otomys.com.