Heath Newman’s most recent series – When I was out walking explores the metaphysical realms of the mind. Weaving together found objects, mythological characters, plants and iconographic imagery – each work looks to create a mental map of the artist’s subconscious. The structure of the series has been created with a concise understanding of bonsai principle. By using this structure Newman seeks to allow the works to evolve in their own unique way. The sun is a focal piece of these works, evolving from Newman’s recent exhibitions The Sun Comes at Dawn and Nightshade in the Sun which both explored mythological and geological effects of the sun. Newman uses the metaphor of walking as a symbol of internal exploration. Asking the viewer to take a walk inside his seemingly chaotic mind-scape to a world where nature and myth weave themselves into poetic landscapes – colours bleed and grow into geometric structures reminiscent of the inner workings of the universe.


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