Born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Paris based. This is research. Feelings and sensations create the forms; guiding the movement onto paper. It’s a question of here and now.

In this proposed series of paintings, forms and colours play around balance in space. The quiet abstract compositions hide stories, the feeling is fixed on paper. The paintings are caséines, pigments reveal their intensity or not depending on the preparation.

My work is a constant research around balance-unbalance. I try to get that little moment when the unbalance is balanced and the balance is unbalanced.

Denervaud studied contemporary dance, movement analysis and choreography at the Laban Center in London, as well as Fine Arts at Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Since she was very young, Denervaud has been exploring the ways that movement can convey intrinsic emotions. Dancing and allowing herself to accept natural bodily motion has been a prominent part of her life and has become the foundation of her expansive practice, which includes performance, video, paintings and collage.

Through Denervaud’s performance she creates marks – marks of movement, marks of time, marks of emotions.