About: Otomys / ˈəʊTəmIs / ot · o · mis

  • OTOMYS is a commercial gallery representing International and Australian emerging and mid-career artists. Established in Melbourne in 2010, the gallery has extended its presence to Sydney and London with a passionate team of art consultants grounded by art beyond its visual capabilities.

    OTOMYS explores art as a total concept, valuing integrity, longevity and the balance between a classic and contemporary collection. In addition, OTOMYS offers a bespoke art service; with a decade of developing the vital art dialogue between art and design we work on residential and commercial projects from procurement to installation.

  •  Ten years in the contemporary art market have nurtured our strong appreciation for quality art and art service. We have developed relationships with our artists, framers, couriers and art installers, ensuring your art procurement is a seamless and enjoyable experience.


    For all projects we refer to our list of represented artists, with an understanding of their ability to work on art commissions. With larger projects we may reach beyond this to our wider network of artists and galleries; co-ordinating and curating within the realms of schedules, budget and artistic narrative. Regardless of the scale of the project or the purchase, we offer curatorial service – online or on site.