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Dragica Carlin

Dragica Carlin

British – Croatian painter, Dragica Carlin’s anthropomorphic free falling, curving and floating three dimensional forms appear luxurious and fantastical. Sometimes these forms are constructed in layers and the layering continues until the painting reaches a point where it is impossible to understand how they have been painted.  Other times they manifest a suggestion that they are a smaller section of a larger form which exists outside of the picture plane; the broad polychromatic brushstrokes keep overlapping and capture streams of luminous light in their flow until the entire painted surface begins to resonate with the energetic field of our being.

‘Painting is a very speculative process; the materiality of it awakens my senses and allows me to construct thought in a particular way. I reach into the intensity and value of dissonant and complementary colours, allowing the thickness, translucency, light and dark to create a visual sensation. The main agenda is always light. The light captured in the painting is the soul of the painting, and the movement of my brush determines its personality. I am constantly astonished by how a single movement of the brush can change the energy of the entire painting, and how the touch of paint on the canvas can produce something so complex as swirl, in a single moment.’ – Dragica Carlin.

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