Otomys Contemporary

Complimentary virtual art service

While we’re spending more time in our homes for leisure and work, we encourage you to ponder your connection with art.

Art has a humanness to it, it communicates, it stimulates emotion and rejuvenates the experience of a home.

At the moment we are offering a complimentary virtual art service – this gives you the chance to have us ‘in’ your home at a time that works with your day.

For an art consultation virtual visit contact us via info@otomys.com with:

– Your preferred date and time.

– Best contact number.

– Country and postal code.

– Work(s) of interest.

We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

The Otomys Contemporary Team

Pictured – Founding Director Megan Dicks (left) and Director Hannah Abbott (right) at Megan’s home in Melbourne, as photographed by Sharyn Cairns.

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