Belle Magazine: Close to Home

Belle Magazine recently sat down with Otomys Co-Founder Megan Dicks to chat about art, home office essentials, the influence that working from home played on their new Prahran gallery design, and what the rest of 2022 has in store for Megan and Otomys.


In this insightful article, Megan advises art collectors who are looking to expand their collection that a strong piece of artwork doesn’t need to match the aesthetic of the room. When it comes to home office ideas, Megan believes that a fantastic work of art can hold its own in almost any setting.


“Sometimes it’s the dissonance with the palette of the room that sets up the feel of the space,” she says.


Take Ben Sheers’ sculpture work, for instance (pictured). Sheers masterfully employs scale to highlight the physical relationship between the viewer and the piece of art. The end result is shapes that are both precise and poetic.


Or the artwork of Jenny Lundgren (pictured), who refers to her paintings as a kind of semi-abstract portrait, dealing more with emotions and moods than with actual people or objects.


Read the full article to learn more about Megan’s home life, the exciting new Otomys gallery in Prahran and some more tips on arranging artwork for your home.


August 26, 2022