Hilary Herrmann

Hilary Herrmann has been a practicing artist since 2003. She lives on a rural property in Bangalow amongst replanted rainforest, where five chooks claim dominion over the house. Her work is about the every day. It is anything and everything that surrounds her; readings, dreams, domestic intimacies, fears, 3am insomniac musings. All of this is sifted through, distilled, transmuted, till finally the art work transcends the personal and offers up strange, delicate, whimsical, oft darkly intimate mythologies. They are ephemeral and ineffable; they are of sea and air with no clear point of separation. Fabled creatures, animals and small beings glide by, steer boats, float through space, set forth off on seemingly solitary journeys, make contact, take leave or wait patiently, all in a misty “other” world. They speak of quietude, poignancy, innocence, and the hero’s journey. They are images, musings and ideas that dissolve the minute you try to pin them down. They are unspoken truths that do not want to be said out loud, rendered in hypnotic swirls of colour and space. The work is fundamentally storytelling, of moments past, present and imaginary that mould together in their own pell-mell manner.


'I live on a rural property in the hinterland of Byron Bay, surrounded by beautiful countryside; the landscape is lush and evergreen, amongst undulating hills. There is a network of community and friends, which are a wonderful mixture of miscreants and misfits. They colour my world. My daughter reminds me of a character out of a Gabrielle Garcia Marquez’ novel and I often feel the need to stop her from floating into the skies. There is a Brahman bull, Angus cattle, neurotic dogs, bad tempered ducks and a forgotten garden, a sad and lonely chook yard, one too many battles with the crafty foxes. All on the to do list. I like to paint. Stepping over the cobwebs and chewed up dog bones, I paint on my verandah looking out at this curious world.' - Hilary Herrmann.