Jenny Lundgren

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Jenny Lundgren is a contemporary painter living and working between Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and Vienna, Austria. Jenny attended Ålsta Art School, Fränsta, Sweden and holds a Master of Fine Arts from University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. Jenny has held a number of solo and group shows in Sweden, Austria and Denmark, with her works in collections worldwide.


‘In my paintings I always move between figuration and abstraction, I need the limits of the figuration to build my paintings around, but I also need the freedom of abstraction which allows me to act and react more intuitively. These paintings are a kind of semi-abstract portraits, dealing more with emotions and moods than with actual people or objects. I am not at all interested in details when I paint; I work with big gestures, I try to be fearless, I reduce and distill. I strive to find a form for each painting that is at the same time simple but also powerful, to find some kind of essence. My painting process is quite physical and as I paint I move the canvas between wall and floor, over and over again. These changes of perspective and working position helps me not to get stuck in some idea, but to find and see other, new possibilities for each and every painting.’ – Jenny Lundgren.


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