Lindsay Blamey

Lindsay Blamey is a Melbourne-based visual artist, known for his sublime landscape photographic digital prints. Born in rural Victoria, Blamey’s diverse body of work primarily explores themes of rural and urban environments compiled through memories, dreams and experience.
The strange yet familiar worlds depicted in Blamey’s works create narratives with the viewer that stretch far beyond the image edge, staying with you long after exposure. In one image, a stack of shipping containers form a structure reminiscent of a Rubik’s cube, while in another, a pile of scrap metal takes the shape of an imposing mountain. There is surprising detail in every composed landscape, even those which seem to be a conventional landscape painting at first glance. Blamey’s work captivates the viewer with his sprawling wide open vistas of the Australian landscape, and often a small scaled businessman in a black suit stands with his back to the viewer looking into the landscape, furthering the sense of mystery and intrigue.. This intersection between rural and urban is reflective of Lindsay’s personal experiences of growing up in the wide open plains of Australia.

In this way, Lindsay Blamey’s art draws the eye to the unexplored and the implied, inviting the viewer to question reality and challenging us to look at the world through a new lens. His thought-provoking style, developed through photographic and digital processes, creates a unique visual experience.


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