Piet Raemdonck

Piet Raemdonck’s paintings focus on the still life, the landscape and the interior. Having trained in fine art printmaking in Antwerp’s Sint-Lukas (known today as the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool), Piet is primarily regarded as a painter.
However, his diverse portfolio of artwork spans a variety of media and methods, including the use of oils, acrylic, watercolours, oil pastels and colouring pencils, to create rich texture and colour. Piet works on a range of media from canvas to panel and paper, with a fondness for adopting innovative collage techniques.
Piet explores the relationship between the naïve and the classical, as well as abstract geometry and distinctive romanticism. These themes are expressed through bold contrasting colour and strong elementary movement of the brush and crayon.
With the exclusion of some early paintings, Piet Raemdonck’s work is completely free of  the human form; instead focusing on physicality of still and intimate spaces.
In addition to his fine art printmaking studies, Piet spent a year studying film directing in Brussels, a skill which may have influenced his paintings. Film director, Joachim Lafosse, recalled his first experience with Piet Raemdonck’s paintings.
“At the corner of an Antwerp district, I discovered the paintings – their vitality, their light, their welcome,” said  Joachim Lafosse.
“I didn’t stop immediately, and continued on my way. Driven by forgotten memories and a feeling that I was destined to miss the paintings, I turned around. I looked again, and I understood that this work was ‘a room in oneself’. I understood that, and never again shall I forget it.”


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