Rebekah Stuart Artwork in Australia

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Melbourne-based contemporary artist and photographer Rebekah Stuart is fascinated by capturing the somewhat romantic elements encapsulated within traditional landscapes, which she seems to achieve almost effortlessly in each new remarkable work of art.


By reconstructing fragments of nature to develop fantastical landscapes that don’t exist in the real world, Rebekah is able to explore alternative aesthetics to that which our eyes see in day-to-day life. This process allows her to push the boundaries of the imagination and blur the lines of reality and the otherworldliness which characterises her work.


A more in-depth inspection of Rebekah’s photography reveals a deeper story – one which changes over extended periods of time, as new elements become apparent and others grow distant to make way for new realisations.



How does Rebekah Stuart describe her approach to her art?

“My images evolve in a similar fashion to that of a painter, over long duration,” she says.


“The fragments are built and refined so a new whole emerges, disorienting the observer in a subtle way to reflect on their internal terrain. The landscapes reflect the horizons within – an intimate sublime for a time when wilderness is perhaps uninhabitable.


“Human portraits sometimes mingle in my exhibitions. They represent our internal gaze upon the landscape. My work deeply connects to place and can be commissioned by people seeking deeper connections to the landscapes they inhabit.”



Explore Rebekah Stuart’s artwork at Otomys

Rebekah’s unique crossover of contemporary artistic expertise and unconventional approach to photography places her work in its own category, which is distinguishably separate from other artworks concerned with landscape. She typically uses pigment print on archival cotton rag, thus creating classic compositions on contemporary mediums to last a life time.


Otomys exhibits a broad collection of mesmerising work by Rebekah Stuart, and collectors are often also interested in works by landscape artists Sophia Szilagyi, Mark Roper, Lindsay Blamey and Trevor Mein as well Alexia Vogel.



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