Simone Boon

Originally from Holland, Simone Boon has constantly lived a global lifestyle; in interesting places such as Borneo, Venezuela, Belgium, Malaysia, Austria and Hong Kong.
In her own words, living between the East and the West was what made her aware of the various ways in which people perceive the world surrounding them. By realising these preconceptions, Simone’s photographic art is informed by these understandings or misunderstandings, which are intertwined with the inner cultural paradigms embedded in each of us.
Perception and evolution of time, space and place are the thematic bedrock of Simone Boon’s art practice.
Simone’s art journey began with sculpture, moving to ceramics before transitioning into photography and videography. While photography has become Simone’s main channel of expression, her various artistic disciplines are maintained.
In Elusive Phenomenology, her most recent exhibition with Otomys, Simone Boon observes human identity from a female perspective, exploring the concept of becoming. With this focus on human transitions models are cloaked, veiled, and draped in layers of fabric of different weights and opacity that act as pulse points connecting moments which map shapes and seem to suspend time. Simone designs the cloth costumes and with her camera she plays with light, colour and movement of materials embracing the human body.
From her current studio in Antwerp, Simone Boon continues to develop her powerful and ephemeral study of female identity that transcends cultures and heralds the mysteries embedded within the evolution of the feminine psyche. One that is infinitely complex, profoundly elusive, yet entirely beguiling
Simone studied a Major in Photography (BFA 2010) and a BFA Major in Ceramics (2008) at RMIT in Hong Kong, before graduating with A Masters of Fine Art (MFA) in 2010.
Having held numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and further abroad, Simone received an Honourable Mention for Portrait Photography / Self-Portrait from TIFA 2018 & BIFA 2020 and an Honourable Mention for the flower series Mimesis III, as well a Bronze Award for her series Blue Mountains BIFA 2020.
Her art is acquired by private collectors and as part of commissioned projects from Melbourne to Macau and globally. 


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