Marie Bernard

Marie Bernard is a collaboration between Rotterdam NL based designer Masja van Deursen and artist Serge Game that started in 2017.
Based on their separate professional experiences they investigate their shared passion for the tactile use of colour and materials. Their approach is very intuitive and allows for both abstract as well as more figurative results. Typically they will pick up a pair of scissors and start cutting up sheets of coloured paper and arranging the shapes without a predetermined plan. 
Key are the imperfect overlaps - as a direct result of this modus operandi - that enhance the works’ visual tension and physical presence. These flaws - which are present throughout all subsequent pieces Marie Bernard create - bear testimony to the analogue origins of their collaboration, as well as to the firm belief that intuition and an organic approach are to be embraced in order to make the works resonate.
Each journey from paper to plywood is unique as multiple layers of paper are translated into a three dimensional image. Marie Bernard make sure to perfectly balance all colours and carefully translate the human gesture and imperfections present in the paper collages.
In order to achieve a high degree of colour saturation as well as translucency every separate piece of plywood is treated with at least 4 coats of bright white primer before finishing it with 3-5 thin layers of acrylic paint. Black is never used straight from the bottle but composed from scratch using an array of colours. The result is yet another vibrating colour which our eyes perceive as black although the consistency may vary per work.
All plywood collages are painted and assembled by hand. This means that, although they come from a Limited Edition of 8, really each and every work is unique.


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