Greg Penn Sculpture

The sculptures of Greg Penn offer a fascinating insight to the artist’s exploration of true consciousness, and his depiction of achieving a balance in mind, body and spirit.

Using natural materials such as clay mud and plant extract, Greg seeks to broaden our notions of how we perceive ourselves, and the world around us. His pursuit of these experiential journeys results in the conceptual and occasionally enigmatic artworks that you see here.
Greg Penn’s “The Dance of Bliss” sculpture series
Greg says that his foray into sculpture was inspired by the company of trees. “The twists and turns of the ‘limbs’ of Australian gum trees resemble an awakening of a body twisting, turning and contorting, like Shiva’s Dance. The Dance is a manifestation of primal rhythm conveying high truths and eternal values.
“Rhythm and the shaping of consciousness develop to address the imbalances in mind, body and perception, creating balance, harmony and happiness. I am tapping into the natural earth pigments found here in Victoria.

“The colour spectrum of earth is magnificent, offering a rich diversity of dark reddish brown earth between Silvan and Monbulk, grey browns and yellow reds of lower Mornington Peninsula, and dark grey browns from the flood plains and swampy areas of Melbourne.

“My art practice is a means of life that expands my consciousness. I’m inspired by the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and the use of awareness techniques to enhance my experience in the natural world. I don’t busy myself with social and political activities and find I have mental space for everyday. I don’t seek temporary alleviation, but lasting happiness – a happiness that becomes an intrinsic and effortless movement in life.”


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