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    • Ben Crase is an American figurative painter. Originally from Butte, Montana, Ben is now based out of San Diego, California. Ben paints primarily with oil and oil sticks. Through his use of colour, texture, and off-kilter composition, Ben seeks to

    • Since the year 2000 I have been connected to a region of the Himalaya in India that is famous for its scenic majesty, spiritual practices, monks, yogis and gurus. My wife is from this region of India and we have spent much

    • Rebekah Stuart is a contemporary visual artist exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape. Rebekah reconstructs fragments of nature via digital media to create landscapes that do not exist in reality. Rebekah’s images evolve in a similar

    • I Haven’t Seen The Moon Tonight was painted during a time of lockdown and social restriction. This period is both consciously and subconsciously reflected in the paintings. Through isolated figures positioned in outdoor landscapes and open windows, Elynor infers a sense

    • Over thirteen years Rick Eckersley, one of Australia’s most iconic landscape architects and founder of Eckersley Garden Architecture, created and nurtured a property in Flinders, Victoria called Musk. To add to his list of achievements, Rick recently had his second

    • ‘Laying paint on the canvas without consciousness allows for pure abstraction, but then consciousness kicks in along with realism, and as these states of mind merge your eyes suddenly see a literal reference to the landscape.’ – Greg Wood.

    • ‘There is something very calming in the disarray of the natural Australian landscape. Initially things may seem jarring but over time this settles. One can’t help but adapt this sentiment to the confusion of our times – I often tend

    • While we’re spending more time in our homes for leisure and work, we encourage you to ponder your connection with art. Art has a humanness to it, it communicates, it stimulates emotion and rejuvenates the experience of a home. At

    • Late in 2019, Melbourne’s established digital printmaker, Sophia Szilagyi, was invited by The Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney to create and exhibit her artistic response to the living plants in this iconic public garden. Szilagyi immersed herself in the heritage listed oasis, getting

    • We’re beginning our journey into the modern world by opening our second art gallery in Australia… despite the pandemic! In Sydney ‘location is everything’ and in time we found our ‘everything’ at 537 Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills. Designed by Woods

    • Our current exhibition, AUSTRALIA Living Land has been a terrific success and we would like to thank all those who have supported the exhibition both remotely and within the Melbourne gallery.

    • AUSTRALIA Living Land expresses the temper of the Australian landscape. Three emerging Australian artists –  Zak Tilley, Harriet Goodall and Meg Walters explore Australia’s wrath and serenity, which, at this moment, seems raw and fragile yet holds a deep and

    • AUSTRALIA Living Land expresses the temper of the Australian landscape. Three emerging Australian artists –  Zak Tilley, Harriet Goodall and Meg Walters explore Australia’s wrath and serenity, which, at this moment, seems raw and fragile yet holds a deep and

    • AUSTRALIA Living Land expresses the temper of the Australian landscape. Three emerging Australian artists –  Zak Tilley, Harriet Goodall and Meg Walters explore Australia’s wrath and serenity, which, at this moment, seems raw and fragile yet holds a deep and

    • Otomys Contemporary’s Rebekah Stuart is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape, whilst also exploring the potentials for art and dance to coalesce. Training in dance and movement for over 23 years and working as an

    • Over the past ten years, Otomys Contemporary have expanded their global presence with true passion and grace - strengthening their voice in modern art hubs between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London. Most recently, Otomys Contemporary have established a collaboration with

    • As Co - Founder and Director of Otomys Contemporary in Tetbury, please share with us what is in store for you this Christmas? I have lived a semi nomadic life style in countries from Africa to Beijing, Australia to Malaysia

    • Abandoning perceptions meant to differentiate, Krisjan Rossouw creates a play on Pop Art with tribal paint and traditional ritual clay, in the endless colour spectrum, forsaking imagined or imposed notions of who we are based on how we are told

    • Our Winter Salon in Tetbury celebrates the work of five international artists whose distinctive style and talent is recognised globally. Rodrigo Branco has gained a reputation throughout Brazil for the eclectic  and colourful compositions of his murals.  As a child, Branco

    • Trevor Mein’s cloud archive has expanded with the addition of a new series of work titled stratosphere. The stratosphere wraps around the earth’s surface above the troposphere, extending to 50 kilometres above the planet and containing the ozone layer. This

    • SPRING SALON celebrates the rich and diverse talent of fourteen emerging and mid - career artists working across a variety of mediums, genres and scale. This is the first Australian exhibition for six international artists - Caroline Denervaud, David Matthew

    • Otomys Contemporary artist, Ian Rayer Smith, explores the interplay of light through gestural and expressive strokes; figurative forms are abstracted with emotion and presence. For Ian Rayer Smith, the ritual of painting presents itself as a form of meditative self -

    • Join us this coming week as we open Undercurrents by Sophia Szilagyi. This retrospective collection presents a rare opportunity to view an extensive body of work not exhibited for some time. Presented alongside major new works in Sophia’s signature style

    • Otomys Contemporary announces Solo Exhibition by Australian artist Sophia Szilagyi. Undercurrents by Sophia Szilagyi is an exhibition based on the idea of looking back on the old and towards the new. Szilagyi is a contemporary artist combining printmaking with a digital

    • Otomys Contemporary announces participation at Draw Art Fair London. Draw Art Fair London will be the first fair in the United Kingdom dedicated to modern and contemporary drawing. It aims to present all facets of drawing as a fundamental practice and to create

    • Simone Boon is a Dutch born artist who resides between Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Living between the east and west has brought to her attention the different ways in which people perceive the world around them; realising that preconceptions, as well

    • The weather was warm and the sun was shining bright on Saturday 30th March as we opened our Spring Show in the Tetbury gallery. UK director, Nikki Finch, curated a group exhibit that brought both colour, light and several new

    • 'This recent body of work was inspired by teaching my young boys how to use scissors! This teaching in turn taught me about the pleasure of mark making and the sophistication of cut and paste.' These works explore a visual

    • 'Knight’s interest with the cyanotype began in her father’s architectural office where she first encountered engineering blueprints. The intense hue and technical precision became the trigger for her exploration of the horse bit’s evolution and design. On first glance, the

    • Light Forays is a body of work that blurs mental and physical depth. Haptic and scopic experiments integrate into event-perceptions, exploring sensations in sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and emotion, compressing perceptual diversity into unity.

    • The meticulously choreographed fine art images of Melbourne based artist Rebekah Stuart are a striking blend of contemporary digitalisation and classic landscape painting. There is something remote and tranquil in her work, an under-current layer of dark mysticism underlies this

    • After an extraordinary 2017, we knew that a holiday was imperative. And so it was! Siestas, balmy evenings, shared tables, informed conversations, page turners, coastal walks, day dreaming. Such meditative recovery worked wonders - seeing Otomys Contemporary into 2018 with a refined perspective. Whilst

    • Caroline Denervaud studied contemporary dance, movement analysis and choreography at the Laban Center in London, as well as Fine Arts at Beaux-Arts de Paris. Since she was very young, Denervaud has been exploring the ways that movement can convey intrinsic emotions.

    • If Mark Roper wasn’t already on your radar, he most definitely is now. Originally hailing from the UK, Melbourne based Mark Roper isn’t just an artist, but a brilliantly versatile creative. With an extensive portfolio including food, travel, lifestyle and

    • After 15 years of living abroad, Otomys Contemporary UK Director Nikki Finch and her family recently relocated to the UK and home has now become the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.  Set in the rolling countryside of the South Western

    • What makes a holiday so inspiring? There's much to be said about holidaying with a large budget but it is often the simple things that make a deeper impression. I recently travelled to South Africa with my family and adored

    • London is home to some 1,500 odd galleries and its current art scene is one of the world’s largest, with an international reach that rivals that of other famed art hubs including New York and Paris. However, one that towers (quite literally)

    • The process Chris Warnes uses for his fine art photography tells as much of a story as his final image does. This British born artist’s path to photography began in Art Direction and Advertising. Warnes now lives near Sydney’s Manly

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