After an extraordinary 2017, we knew that a holiday was imperative. And so it was! Siestas, balmy evenings, shared tables, informed conversations, page turners, coastal walks, day dreaming. Such meditative recovery worked wonders. Seeing Otomys Contemporary into 2018 with a refined perspective. Whilst ready to return to the Gallery – we contemplate our next break. A vacation with Caroline Denervaud at Hôtel Les Roches Rouges – Côte d’Azure.

Azure blue, pure white and ochre red are the colours celebrated in this hotel perched on the water’s edge, close to the Esterel, where holidays are experienced to the rhythm of the sea and the sunlight. To step into Les Roches Rouges is to step out of the world and to delight in the pleasures of Provence. Here, you can enjoy long days in the sunshine, savour the passing hours, and taste the simple yet sophisticated joys of a holiday in a barefoot paradise. To stay here is to take your time, to enjoy the company of the people you love, to discover new things, or to do as much or as little as you please. In short, to enjoy a holiday!

Les Roches Rouges is the essence of understated luxury, simplicity, conviviality, where the immensity of the sea, mild climate and an exquisite natural environment combine to create a truly authentic and refined setting.

The hotel benefits from two swimming pools, including a large natural seawater pool, a Mediterranean garden, three bars, two restaurants and an array of activities, both in and around the hotel, from an open-air cinema to ping pong, diving, petanque, yoga, hiking, cookery courses and sailing.

Les Roches Rouges invited several young contemporary artists to complete the walls of the hotel. Their works are frequently abstract, executed in glowing colours recalling the Mediterranean light that has always inspired painters, some even painted directly onto the wall; as Le Corbusier did in the iconic Eileen Gray-designed villa E1027.

Otomys Contemporary Artist – Caroline Denervaud shares a strong presence within Les Roches Rouges Artist Colony. Les Roches Rouges was very taken with her abstract paintings, and invited her to complete the hotel’s bedrooms. Inspired by the play of colour, she works with multiple shades of blue and red that she harmonises with browns, pinks, yellows and ochres. She works in pastels that she rubs with her fingers, to create a dense, velvety depth of colour, echoing the abstract harmony of colours that she creates in her Paris studio.

90 Boulevard de la 36ème division du Texas, 83530 Saint-Raphaël.

Photographed by Benoit Linero – Office de Tourisme de Saint-Raphaël.