RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine: Julia Roche

RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine recently sat down with Julia Roche to discuss her unique practice and how she captures the beauty and magic of the Australian landscape. 


In this thoughtful article, author Sue Wallace describes Roche’s extraordinary natural process and how this intersects with traditional painting techniques.  


“Halfway through completing her large format canvasses, artist Julia Roche exposes them to the wind, sun and rain. These natural processes leave indelible marks on her landscape paintings, helping her explore themes of light, colour and line, and reflecting her passion for the environment. Stand and stare at these immersive paintings and you are drawn in by the way the works capture both the wildness and beauty of Australian landscapes and what shapes them.” 


Wallace also celebrates Julia’s recent exhibition with Otomys, which was on display in November of 2022. 


“In a recent exhibition at Otomys called From the Sky, Julia captured the mood and energy of an unpleasant winter, with works influenced by different times of the day. She says she intentionally “pared back the palette of many works,” layering “transparent washes to create a feeling of depth”.” 


Read the full article in the February issue of RM Williams OUTBACK to learn more about Julia’s practice and her life as an artist in rural Australia. 

February 10, 2023