Podcast S5 Ep 107 The Gallery Edition

Interview With An Artist by Willy (Wilamina) Russo
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Two women started a conversation about art 7 years ago, and they’ve been talking ever since. 


Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott of Otomys on the land of  the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation have a deep, deep love for their work. 


The conversation began as part of Hannah’s final assessment for her university study. Megan saw the potential in Hannah and very quickly brought her into the Otomys fold.


In today’s episode we talk about:

  • How it was some notable advice from her father that set Hannah on her art world path.
  • The story behind the name Otomys and how Megan, Hannah and the artists, all work for this much loved third entity.
  • How they approach each artists entry and pathway in the gallery differently.
  • How an early experience with an artist’s work lead to one of their longest standing partnerships.
  • The ethos Megan lives by when it comes to collecting art.



Interview With An Artist is hosted by Willy (Wilamina) Russo and produced by Cameron Furlong. 


April 19, 2023