Otomys x Pinch

Over the past ten years, Otomys Contemporary have expanded their global presence with true passion and grace – strengthening their voice in modern art hubs between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London. Most recently, Otomys Contemporary have established a collaboration with PINCH in London. Since 2004, Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon of PINCH have believed in poetic design and the craft of beautiful things; pieces that endure, inspire and aspire to be inherited. PINCH products are characterised by a quiet and elegant aesthetic, the result of tireless refinement and an intense dedication to craft and process.


Deeply resonating with PINCH’s values of quality and longevity, Nikki Finch, Founding Director of Otomys Contemporary and Art Consultant Vange Markou of The Specified have curated a collection of artwork for PINCH’s Ebury Street showroom in Sloane Square. Nikki Finch absorbed this vision with excitement, explaining that, ‘in many ways art components complete a room. We want the art to illuminate its surroundings – sometimes it can be the statement piece and other times it can sit quietly alongside the texture, forms and colour of a space.’ ‘Aside from viewing art in our gallery, we are consciously offering art buyers the option to view works alongside the style and finesse of British furniture design today; allowing one to preview how art may sit harmoniously within the context of a home environment..’ continues Nikki Finch.

PINCH will be regularly rotating artwork from Otomys Contemporary. Currently on view within the Ebury Street showroom are works by Manchester artist, Ian Rayer-Smith and Australian artists Celia Gullet and Greg Wood. This contemporary collaboration paves the way for gallery art to sit outside of the gallery and comfortably with the very best of British furniture design.

January 28, 2020