Winter Salon

Our Winter Salon in Tetbury celebrates the work of five international artists whose distinctive style and talent is recognised globally. Rodrigo Branco has gained a reputation throughout Brazil for the eclectic  and colourful compositions of his murals.  As a child, Branco suffered from a vision impairment which resulted in an altered perception of the world around him.  Rodrigo’s condition allowed him to see the world with more contrast, more colour, more complex borders  and mixed forms.  The strong influence of his childhood has informed his practice. South African artist, Michael Taylor’s work can be described as ironic and self reflexive. He draws together themes and narratives that inform his everyday thinking. Predominantly imaginary in nature, his work explores notions around masculinity, selfhood and personal mythology.  Humour and ridicule feature constantly which he uses to attract and disarm the viewer. In contrast to the vibrant representations by Branco and Taylor, Greg Wood’s melancholic and atmospheric landscapes are without habitation and evoke a sensation of loss, longing and transcendence.  Similarly, Zarah Cassim’s abstract landscapes create ungraspable, dreamlike landscapes which question our perception of reality. Dutch artist, Simone Boon’s abstract photography further explores how life evolves over time and is concerned with these notions from a female perspective. We are delighted to showcase this dynamic collection of works in the UK.
November 17, 2019