Upcoming Virtual Art Exhibition - Smalls

Otomys’ annual group exhibition, smalls explores a narrative beyond scale, instead, welcoming consideration from their artists that connects the viewer with a closer thought and look outside of the obvious. Showcasing work by 15 Australian and International Otomys artists, smalls presents a variety of mediums, including oils, acrylics, timber, pigment print and watercolour monotypes.

One artist, Alexia Vogel, works with both gestural mark-making and a collaging technique to invite a musing on the micro, welcoming the viewer into a world of imaginative expression. Likewise, Julia Roche’s abstract artwork is deeply reflective of the landscape it is created within; small insects leaving their imprint across the canvas as nature does its work. 

Cedar Jeffs’ artworks offer glimpses of life as they pass you by—encouraging the viewer to refocus on these small aspects of reality. Similarly, though in her own unique style, Laura Vahlberg captures the mundane, the everyday moments in dreamy colours akin to dreams or memories. In contrast, the artworks of Marise Maas draw the audience into their aura as tiny detail is revealed in pencil or paint; intimate features exposing narratives of life. 

With the subtle or not-so-subtle brushstrokes and gestures recorded on the canvas or in 3D form, the concept of small takes the audience into another state that connects the minuscule. In either the everyday and mundane or the intimate detail in the physicality of the artworks, smalls promises to reframe a state of mind that may have been enclosed by lockdowns and technology, as our own small worlds slowly reopen.

Written by Emma-Kate Wilson.


Visit our virtual viewing room between 20 October and 3 November 2021. 

October 12, 2021