The Australian: At Home

Otomys co-founder Megan Dicks opened up her home to The Australian’s At Home, in which she talks about how she has maintained a connection between the old and the new elements of the house, as well as how art enhances the interiors.


Megan’s 1890s house retains many elements of the original design, making sensitive renovations that keep it in the spirit of the original design while adding a modern touch that brings it into the present day.


The protected garden is a stand-out feature of the property, bringing a sense of the peaceful countryside into suburban Hawthorn. The lush greenery can be enjoyed from the outdoor deck in the upstairs master bedroom, as well as the garden studios.


A formal dining room has also undergone substantial change to better fit the needs of the family. By opening up the space, lightening the walls and removing the ceiling rose, the space has transformed into a more relaxed family lounging room.


The final touch that completes the room is the contemporary art, that imbues the space with character.


Megan’s interest in art was nurtured at an early age, having grown up on a farm in South Africa immersed in a melange of interesting sights, sounds and textures. She brings this sensibility to the power of aesthetic enrichment into her work at Otomys.


“Otomys bridges the gap between quality art and interiors, developing a relationship between art and design within the home.”


The increased interest in Otomys’s art curation services shows that many more people are realising the enhancing and enriching properties that art can have in the home.


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March 28, 2022