The Australian: Interior Motives

OTOMYS co-founder Megan Dicks was interviewed by The Australian for their article ‘Interior Motives’ earlier this year.


As we experience life more and more at home, with children’s schooling, work calls and leisurely pursuits encroaching on the same spaces, it is all the more important that our interiors are equipped to become the multifunctional, multipurpose spaces we require them to be.


The article suggests some ways to transform one’s living space to adapt to the multi-faceted functions our homes now hold that take into consideration the tactile, atmospheric, and emotional experiences these spaces can hold.



Aesthetic vigour

Many people have looked towards the transformative power of art to enhance their spaces. A work of art can be looked at in countless different ways and remain interesting and engaging. Multiple viewings across time only enhance the experience of the work.


Incorporating natural elements into a space can help give it a sense of groundedness. Introducing natural fibres, neutral colour palettes, and earthy pieces that take inspiration from local landscapes can help bring a purity and quality to a space, without making it feel sterile.


Bold, bright colours and patterns, when applied intelligently and confidently, are an effective way to imbue a space with joy and invigoration. Even when used sparingly, this can be done to great effect.



Careful curation of objects

While maximalism is coming back as a trend more broadly, there will always be room for minimalist sensibilities when it comes to interior design. A minimalist space can have meditative, calming properties. Giving a few key pieces room to breathe allows one to recalibrate their focus amidst their busy lives.


It is important to take into consideration the type of atmosphere that you want a space to accommodate. Thinking about how the design of a space can encourage specific flows of moment and ways of being can help inform the way you choose to adorn it.


Redecoration can occur in numerous ways. Investing in few select pieces with a timeless quality, upcycling and repurposing existing items can also make a huge difference in a space.


At the end of the day, a space that accommodates your functional requirements in the present and the future are what matter most. Take your time when making your grand redecorating plans. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of aesthetic overhauling and lose sight of the purpose of the room.


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March 28, 2022