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Futures Collective has been selected as one of  Wallpaper’s Melbourne Design Week 2022 highlights!
The 2022 Melbourne Design Week programme is jam-packed with interesting and engaging exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops that engage with the theme ‘design the world you want’.
Future Collectives is highlighted as one of the must-see events of Melbourne Design Week.
The exhibition is celebrated for its championing of facets of sustainable design and features works from three Otomys artists. The works by Eduardo Santos, Sophia Szilagyi and Greg Penn are displayed alongside by acclaimed local and international designers. The article features numerous installation images in which you can see the artists’ works being harmoniously incorporated into the interiors.
The combination of the historic architecture of Villa Alba, the contemporary furniture and the artworks provoke the visitor to think more deeply about how sustainability can be achieved through thoughtful and considerate curation of the spaces we inhabit.
The focus of the list was the debut Melbourne Design Fair, a showcase of collectible contemporary design. Also on the list are, the Art Book Fair, the Primitive Artefact workshop series presented by architecture practice Bayley Ward and the one-day symposium Designing the Circular Economy.
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It Feels Difficult by Sophia Szilagyi on display at ‘Futures Collective’ presented by Spence & Lyda during Melbourne Design Week 2022. Photographed by Sean Fennessy.
March 29, 2022