Is Art a Good Investment?

Compared to other investments art can seem like a less stable investment given the temperamentality of the art market. Like many other collectible investment objects, one requires an astute knowledge of the art world to know which works are considered valuable.


Attributes like rarity, the artist’s notoriety and exhibition history can all play a factor in the way the art’s value shifts over time. But because a lot of art is one of a kind, it can be difficult to ascertain how the selling price of one work by an artist on the secondary market might impact the rest of that artist’s oeuvre.



There are many moving parts to the way that art is valued, and many of them require you to play the long game and waiting to see how an artist’s career progresses.


Compared to other investments, you possibly  aren’t going to see huge payouts from investing in art. Most investors make art a small fraction of their investment portfolio, and often not reliable as a steady source of income.


However, if you start to think about investments outside of the financial aspects, you will start to appreciate what art can offer. Investing in art isn’t merely about the money.


The beauty of art comes from its capacity to enrich your life and your space. To acquire a piece that you genuinely love and connect to, it becomes about more than its monetary value.


Art’s capacity to transform a space should not be underestimated. When considering it alongside objects such as one-of-a-kind/antique furniture or designer fashion, it becomes easier to understand how a unique item of adornment can be indicative of your personal aesthetic sensibilities. Being thoughtful in the curation of a space that you frequent to attain a specific mood will have more impact on your everyday disposition than you may think.


The decision to purchase art should come from a place of passion and interest, even if you are thinking about selling it later down the line. Really taking time to appreciate the artwork itself, from the formal qualities to the thematic underpinnings is the best way to get the most out of your art.



Invest in emerging artists 

The stable of artists at Otomys are carefully considered based on their ability to remain strong in the market. With this in mind our credible young emerging artists such as Meg Walters, Elynor Smithwick, Alexia Vogel, Emma Itzstein and Julia Roche are worth investing and watching.


Several of our past artists have had significant exponential increases and they are now represented by galleries in Paris and Los Angeles exclusively.


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Image credit: Artwork by Julia Roche. Malvern House by Trethowan Architecture. Photographed by Emily Bartlett.

April 1, 2022