Julia Roche

Julia Roche is inspired by the delicate, tactile and spellbinding power of the Australian landscape which surrounds her. 
Life with young children and work, both on the land and within her art studio, seems to blend seamlessly on her farm in the Wiradjuri Country in regional NSW. 
Her art studio is in an old woolshed built in 1910. From here, the loud and gentle expressions of the seasons are seen through the gaps in the corrugated iron walls, which offer glimpses across the wide expanse of the farm. With a focus on the materiality of light, colour and form, Julia’s art explores the temperament of weather on her surrounding environment.
Her paintings are left outdoors, where the mist, rain, sunlight and debris become imprinted on the canvas and the paintings are interlaced with the physical qualities of the landscape. Each canvas serves as a time and site-specific record of the natural world. 
“I surrender aesthetic control, inviting the viewer to consider the power and control of Mother Nature.”
The use of naturally produced charcoal, shellac, bird feathers and taped painting implements, and oil sticks create distance between herself and the painting, The canvases are patterned with subtle line motifs, displaying mark- making practices learnt and then unraveled.  
“I appreciate the dissonance between the land’s harshness and beauty, it’s intrigue and whimsy and I’m drawn to painting the truth of what is both seen and imagined.”


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