Introducing 424 Malvern Road, Prahran!

Two years ago, almost to the day, Otomys moved out of a physical gallery space and the art has been tucked safely in an art storage facility since then.


Since then, we have been looking for an exciting contemporary gallery for a while and are now most excited to announce that we have found a superb space at 424 Malvern Road, Prahran VIC 3181


On the corner intersection of Malvern Road and Francis Street, the building designed by John Wardle Architects in 2018 with nods to the automotive history of the site. The materials and architectural elements are as dynamic as one would anticipate from a John Wardle building; the double height void on the corner window acts as a tall striking lantern of light, which we have taken to be a good omen!


Located in the bustling Hawksburn Village, this new location is perfect and nearby many of our favourites in Hawksburn. Right next door is Hobba, a go-to brunch spot with its wonderful seasonal menus. We imagine that it will be a favourite for Otomys visitors, along with the delicious offerings at Bistro Thierry, Baker Bleu, and Fratellino


Also nearby are a variety of wonderful boutiques and speciality stores, including Grace, Manon Bis, Gewürzhaus, and Collective


A physical Otomys gallery in Melbourne gives visitors the opportunity to, once again, have in-person experiences with the wonderful modern and contemporary artworks by all our talented artists.


This new gallery located is right in front of the Stop 33 on the 72 tram line, and only a 6-minute walk from Hawksburn Station.


We are pleased to announce that the launch of this new space will coincide with the opening of The Solidity of Fragile Things by Helen Redmond.


Please save the date: Thursday 16th May (6pm - 8pm) to celebrate the launch of Otomys in Prahran and the opening of The Solidity of Fragile Things by Helen Redmond. John Wardle will be opening the exhibition at 6:30pm sharp! 


In this new show, Helen Redmond looks at structures and interiors as both physically concrete and delicately metaphysical. 


“The suggestion of limitless space and the intimacy of enclosed chambers generates a tension in the paintings,” says Redmond. “They are portals into memory and light.” 


The exhibition is a celebration of Redmond’s pain-staking and detailed studio process, in which she layers sheer veils of colour and subtle details of texture over time. Creating depth, texture, and form on canvas, she creates a room beyond a room that invites a meditation upon the nuances of “empty space”. 


Redmond’s studio practice builds upon her background in interior design, further deepening her relationship with architectural spaces. There is no better way to experience such a relationship to space than through encountering her works in person. 


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April 16, 2022