Wallpaper*: Art meets life at Curatorial House in Melbourne

Curatorial House in Melbourne is a finely tuned contemporary residence designed by Taylor Pressly Architects and elevated through Tyler Aspen Edmonds’ complimentary styling and art by Otomys.


Existing at the intersection of art and design, Curatorial House is a sophisticated residence that celebrates the adventurous spirit of its owners. Otomys directors Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott were engaged to curate a collection of contemporary artworks for the home.


Otomys worked closely with the client to curate over 60 artworks from 27 artists and gallerists across 15 cities - much of which was undertaken remotely due to the pandemic.


“Our aim is to ease the boundaries between art and interiors, and working not only with the talented cohort of artists that we represent, but also an extended reach of additional artists across the globe, we were able to offer the client a broad and complete art service from procurement through to installation,” reflects Megan.



Marriage of art, Architecture and interior design

The project was a collaboration between Otomys, Taylor Pressly Architects and interior stylist Tyler Aspen Edmonds.


Otomys were guided by Taylor Pressly and Tyler Aspen Edmonds' dynamic vision for the home - the dramatic scale, bold finishes and crafted details. The artworks simultaneously add expressive accents to the sophisticated interiors and enhance the many interesting design features of the house. The result is a meaningful and synergetic interplay of disciplines that brings diverse thinking, expression, and culture into the experience of home.


“We curated diverse genres, scales and mediums to create a language of strength and confidence. There was a place for the over-scaled contemporary work of Melbourne-based Mark Roper down to small, classic oil paintings by South African artist Danielle Mooney, each holding presence in the home,” reveals Megan.


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May 18, 2022