Est Living: The Intersection of Art and Architecture

Est Living has published a glowing feature article on Curatorial House, calling it “a lesson in fine art and modern architecture”.


The project perfectly reflects the client’s adventurous spirit and passion for entertaining guests, imbued with a sense of sophisticated luxury. Circular motifs and subtle brass accents add a sense of softness and warmth to the space.


Otomys’ involvement in sourcing over 60 artworks from 27 artists, many of whom were emerging artists, was informed by the home’s dramatic scale and materiality. The team looked at the patterns and surface finishes in the house as a starting point for their art sourcing.


Marble slabs and polished grey plaster become the perfect backdrop for a dynamic and varied selection of artworks.


Curatorial House expresses our belief that art is a necessity, not a luxury,” says Otomys co-director Megan Dicks.



a lesson in fine art and modern architecture 

As a result, the art collection fits in seamlessly with the architecture, even giving the impression that the house has been designed around the modern art collection.


Despite being a first-time art buyer, the art collection reflects the client’s keen eye for and appreciation of quality design, colour, texture and form.


The five-story home contains floors dedicated to relaxation and entertaining, exuding a sense of overall calmness. Bold artworks and jewel-toned furniture add touches of visual excitement, straddling the line between modernity and timeless elegance.  


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May 19, 2022