Domain Magazine: Why People Are Buying Art Sign-Unseen

Domain Magazine chatted to Otomys co-directors Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott about the growing interest in purchasing art for the home.


Megan and Hannah attribute this interest to two factors: that people are spending more time at home, and art’s capacity to help us become more in tune with our sentiments. With the lack of overseas travel in the past few years, people have turned to art to seek out this sense of world discovery.


“Art is the perfect way to engage the part of our brain that stores memory and narrative, such as those we collect from our travels,” says Otomys artist Emma Itzstein.


Such a renewed interest in art offers new opportunities to artists to further their creativity through exploring new concepts and ideas in their works.


Collectors are also becoming increasingly interested in keeping up-to-date with upcoming exhibitions and presale catalogues.


Online art buying may seem daunting to get into at first. But with some due diligence, it can become a great way of expanding one’s horizons and discovering works that one may have not otherwise been able to see in person. Hannah provides some tips in how to navigate the world of online art buying.


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July 5, 2022