Art Edit: Big Picture Thinking

Thank you to Art Edit for their wonderful write up on Otomys’ work on Curatorial House, describing it as ‘a project that put the big picture in big picture thinking’.


Curatorial House proved to be a challenge of a different scale that Otomys co-directors Megan Dicks and Hannah Abbott had encountered before. The variation and points of difference of the property, located in Toorak, Victoria and designed by Taylor Pressly Architects and interior stylist Tyler Aspen Edmonds, made procuring art for the space an extraordinary task.


“We did know that we wanted to bring an air of femininity, for balance, and we wanted to bring in some movement,” says Megan Dicks, of the way they approached the Brutalist character of the house.


The scale and grandeur of the house required artworks that matched the drama of the space. To this end, Megan and Hannah brought in the sprawling abstract work by Mark Roper, towering sculpture by Ben Sheers, wall-mounted sculptures by Anna Dudek, textural works by Eduardo Santos, and geometric sculptures by Greg Penn.




The house is a testament to the inherent accessibility of art. Even to a client who professed to know very little about it, they expressed an understanding of visual elements that imbue all aspects of design, whether it be art, fashion, or interior design.


“There is not a lot to know, apart from what exists between you and the art when you’re looking at it.”


The project required a huge amount of trust, both between the client and Megan and Hannah, and between Megan and Hannah and the artists they reached out to from all over the world. Each detail of the works was considered, right up to the framing options.


Curatorial House presents a sophisticated journey through art that has come about as a culmination of Megan and Hannah’s many years of experience and expertise. Read the full article online.


July 6, 2022