OTOMYS celebrates a new gallery

OTOMYS celebrates the new contemporary gallery in Melbourne.

The opening of our new gallery space at 424 Malvern Road, Prahran VIC 3181 has been a significant delight in more ways than we imagined. 

Architecturally designed by John Wardle from John Wardle Architects with interior finishes by Georgina Jeffries, Otomys gallery bridges the feel of a home, work space and art  hub. 

"Working digitally and remotely had its upsides, but it was no comparison to working in this beautiful new space designed to share art and conversation with collectors and artists. Otomys is about art and people!’ says Megan Dicks.

Thank you to all who celebrated the opening night with us and to those who have stopped in since. 

Art galleries are not only places for art to be shown, they are places which can offer a valuable insight into an artist's journey and practice. Our exhibiting artists often offer their time to meet enthusiasts in the gallery during the exhibition to share thoughts and concepts behind their work. 

Upcoming Exhibitions 2022
Hilary Herrman | 18th August - 1st September
Emma Itzstein | 15th - 30th September
Lindsay Blamey | 4th - 18th October
Julia Roche | 3rd - 17th November
Greg Wood | 20th November - 10th December

Gallery Hours
Monday - Tuesday |  By Appointment Only
Wednesday - Friday |  10am - 5pm
Saturday |  10am - 2pm

424 Malvern Rd, Prahran VIC 3181
August 9, 2022