House & Garden: Where the Art Is

Otomys co-founder Megan Dicks took House & Garden Magazine’s journalist Carli Philips and photographer Sharyn Cairns for a tour through her Victorian-style home in inner-city Melbourne.
Megan’s deeply personal and intuitive approach to layering her home with art is beautifully captured in the photographs in this article.
Read about Megan’s immediate love for the house, and how her roots in Zululand, South Africa helped define the natural outdoor spaces of this property.
Above the architecture, design and landscaping inspiration, read about Megan’s palpable love for art. After all, her home is an ever-evolving gallery of work from renowned artists such as Greg Wood, Jenny Lundgren, Piet Raemdonck, Anna Dudek and more.
From the Otomys art gallery to her dining room and living spaces; Megan Dicks’ passion for art is abundant. 
There is a dynamic conversation of art and interiors in Megan’s home, beautifully captured  by Australia’s recognised photographer, Sharyn Cairns:
An oil painting by Greg Wood (who, in his own words, is drawn to the often overlooked places in between destinations; particularly when they are being exposed to the elements in a dramatic way).
A grand Ben Sheers sculpture, which stands tall at the end of the hallway.
Abstract figurative green painting by Jenny Lundgren.
Dichroic table sculptures by Anna Dudek, which she describes as lively in their static forms; actively participating with their surrounding environment.
Set amongst the greenery in the garden, we see the Falling Awake sculpture by Greg Penn – an eye catching sculpture fabricated from steel and automotive paint in a two-toned paint finish.
The large painting by Piet Raemdonck is called Breekwerk, and has enough space around it to be easily viewed and enjoyed. Piet uses bold contrasting colour and strong elementary movement of the brush and crayon to explore the relationship between the naïve and the classical, as well as abstract geometry and distinctive romanticism. Breekwerk is the perfect large-scale painting for the living room!
Megan describes the artwork as a visual documentation of her life; collecting art that she was drawn to at the time. “The value is personal and emotional rather than material,” she says. “It’s a layering of touchpoints that reflects who I am and what’s important to me.”
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To learn more about Megan’s take on artwork for the living room, dining room and bedroom, read the full article online.
September 9, 2022