Denizen: Work of Art

It’s with great pleasure that Otomys Gallery has featured in several publications lately – both in the form of our esteemed artists having their work beautifully displayed in collectors’ homes, and our own co-director Megan Dicks discussing the importance of art in interior design.
Our latest feature was in a Denizen Modern Living piece showcasing Curatorial House in Toorak.
Calling on Otomys to provide a bespoke end-to-end curatorial service, the clients wanted more than just the architecture of their residence to speak to their creative flair and adventurous spirit. As such, the home has ended up with more than 60 artworks from 27 artists and gallerists across 15 cities, with the Otomys team taking charge of everything from procurement to installation.
“Our aim is to ease the boundaries between art and interiors,” Megan reflects. “Curatorial House expresses our belief that art is a necessity, not a luxury.”
Embracing art in interior design
This article pays particular attention to spaces like the home’s vast entrance foyer; an impressive, three-storey void where an arresting light sculpture hangs – delicate in nature, but grand in scale and offering a hint at what to expect from the house that lies beyond.
The message of this article is clear, and reinforced in Megan’s sentiments – homes like the Curatorial House prove that while some homes simply display art, others embody it.
You can read the full article here.
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September 14, 2022